“Relative Truth” is Ignorance ? 1

From : “Lopon Tenzin Namdak – Bonpo Dzogchen Teachings” Without there being any certain solid objective reality out there in space, still we grasp at perceptions of the world as if they are real. Perceived objects do not exist inherently, but we do perceive them as if they exist objectively. This is Relative Truth. External ...

On the The Snake / Rope Analogy 1

On the The Snake / Rope Analogy
Oh, now, I am writing this post as I hope it will perhaps illuminate for you why the “Emptiness” teachings are of paramount importance with regards to Buddhism … especially the “emptiness of self” which, probably, from a conventional “western” POV sounds totally implausible or simply Crazy eh ? LOL !!! 😀 It may even ...

On the “Emptiness of self”

On the
Ah, “Emptiness of self” is such a “Relief” (but for no-one haha) *wink*