On being absolutely “free” from the “self” ?

On being absolutely
“Is it possible ever to be free of self-centred activity ? Is there a real self ? (J. Krishnamurti 1979) (From about 16 minutes) : If you really want to be free of the “self”, no attachment ! Which doesn’t mean you become detached, indifferent, callous, set your-self away … which is another form of ...

What is “Being Aware of Being Aware” ? 1

What is
Oh, now in the previous entry “What *is* Dzogchen Meditation” if you listen to the video you’ll hear Alan say “where you are able to sustain a flow of awareness of awareness” and by way of contradistinction in the following video Rupert Spira explains what he means by the experience of “being Aware of being ...

What *IS* Dzogchen “Meditation” ? 1

What *IS* Dzogchen
Ah, if you’re interested in the HOW of Dzogchen “Meditation” here’s Alan Wallace giving a very brief Overview of Meditation in General and then proceeding to elucidate as to how such non-dual Meditation (it’s probably better called non-Meditation) as Dzogchen differs from the more well-known forms of Meditation such as Shamata / Vipassana etc …

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo – The Nature of Mind

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo - The Nature of Mind
The whole point is simply to dwell with that which knows … start identifying with that which knows and stop identifying with the known … that’s all … it’s so easy … really !!!

Considering that the whole Universe is a Quantum System ?

Considering that the whole Universe is a Quantum System ?
There is not a Universe, that we’re all looking at as [if] it’s already “out there” and we’re looking at it from multiple perspectives trying to “map it”, with the Scientific world, that re-presents what’s already there … but rather there’s one Universe for every Sentient Being … and our Universes are Entangled !!! Ah, ...