Realization in the Way of Light

Realization in the Way of Light
Via : Jackson Peterson ( here ) The Way of Light is a non-dual, direct teaching, which actualizes the self-recognition that you are the Absolute: the perfect Buddha Mind, Brahman, Allah or God; now and have always been. As the Absolute Consciousness you modulate yourself into and as, all other states: like pure water appearing ...

Happy New Decade !

Happy New Decade !

Total Freedom From Thought ? 3

Total Freedom From Thought ?
Oh, this is an excellent video that, I’d say, truly gives an insight into what the Dzogchen Natural State is actually about … I’ve cobbled together the English as spoken by the Translator [1] present in the room with Tulku Urgyen, but it isn’t perfect and you may need to listen to it a few ...

Awaken from the Dream ! 3

Awaken from the Dream !
Oh, so in the context of non-Duality, you’ve probably already heard about “awakening from the dream of separation” eh ? But what does this mean and how is it “done” ? Well, for whatever reasons, I have, it seems, a strong affinity for the Dzogchen teachings, not that I’m here trying to “wax lyrical” about ...

You are not the Story of your-self ! 3

You are not the Story of your-self !
Oh, now, for anyone with an interest in all-things-Spiritual, I am sure you will have already heard about (from varying points of view) HOW it is that the one-who-you-consider-yourself-as-being is ONLY a Delusion, like a Mirage and that the “Real You” is just in-hiding awaiting your “Waking Up” to its Always-Present-Presence eh ? 🤔 But ...