On the The Snake / Rope Analogy 1

On the The Snake / Rope Analogy
Oh, now, I am writing this post as I hope it will perhaps illuminate for you why the “Emptiness” teachings are of paramount importance with regards to Buddhism … especially the “emptiness of self” which, probably, from a conventional “western” POV sounds totally implausible or simply Crazy eh ? LOL !!! 😀 It may even ...

On Morality and the Freedom of Will ?

On Morality and the Freedom of Will ?
Now, the following excerpt is from B. Alan Wallace’s “Meditations of a Buddhist Skeptic“, which, I suggest, gives a practical insight into what the Buddhist ideal of Freedom is, as opposed to what, say, you may consider is the “Western” ideal of Freedom eh ? 🤔 The cultivation of focused attention has a direct and ...

Thoughts but no Thinker ! 2

Thoughts but no Thinker !
Oh, AFAIK it’s easy to say this, but haven’t “you” heard : YOU are NOT your Thoughts ? Now, believe it or not, to verify the Truth of such a statement is actually very very simple : Just Look At One’s Own Mind eh ? 😉 When a rainbow appears vividly in the sky, you ...

What *IS* Dzogchen “Meditation” ? 1

What *IS* Dzogchen
Ah, if you’re interested in the HOW of Dzogchen “Meditation” here’s Alan Wallace giving a very brief Overview of Meditation in General and then proceeding to elucidate as to how such non-dual Meditation (it’s probably better called non-Meditation) as Dzogchen differs from the more well-known forms of Meditation such as Shamata / Vipassana etc …

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo – The Nature of Mind

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo - The Nature of Mind
The whole point is simply to dwell with that which knows … start identifying with that which knows and stop identifying with the known … that’s all … it’s so easy … really !!!