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While the mind is poised in the state of bare awareness, there is no directing the mind. One is not looking within for anything; one is not looking without for anything. One is simply letting the mind rest in its own natural state. The empty, clear and unimpeded nature of mind can be experienced if we can rest in an uncontrived state of bare awareness without distraction and without the spark of awareness being lost

From : The Gem Ornament of Manifold Oral Instructions Which Benefits Each and Everyone Appropriately (Kalu Rinpoche)

Oh, now, it’s as if within the chest area there’s a kind of “inner transformer”, a generator if you will, that sometimes requires a kick-start to get it running again, as the state of our world is, I find, more like a living hell [as per the Kali Yuga ?] than an earthly paradise eh ? 🧐

Ah, thus it’s contemplatively inducing a “spark of awareness” that I sense “fires it up” generating an inner revitalisation and continuation of Heart-Centered “living” eh ? πŸ’“


Awareness, spontaneous presence,
Luminously radiant,
Is the fundamental source of all,
The key point is to leave
The five sense doors unmodified
And to be without the to-and-fro of thoughts.
Recognize the dharmakaya state,
Spontaneously present, aware and empty.
Be certain of it; leave it free
Of all conceptual movement.

From : The Precious Treasury of the Fundamental Nature

The outer and inner phenomena of the world and its inhabitants arise distinctly and vividly. When this happens, awareness, spontaneous presence, the source of all these things, must not be allowed to lose itself in the perceptions of the five sense consciousnesses. It must instead remain radiantly luminous, vast, spacious, and utterly empty, naked, and free. It should not stray into the objects of perception, mixing itself with them, but should instead be like a drop of mercury that has fallen in the dust. At that time, the five sense powers are left unmodified and in a state of equilibrium. Their objects manifest unceasingly. And yet within a state that is free from movement, from the to-and-fro of thoughts, awareness remains free β€” a seamless, vast expanse. This is a key point.

This state of empty awareness, the dharmakaya, the condition of precious spontaneous presence, should be recognized as the present, uncontrived, and ultimate mode of being of the fundamental stratum of the mind. Thus one comes to a decisive conviction that all appearances, pure and impure, which arise through the creative power of spontaneous presence, are none other than awareness – empty and free of conceptual movement, the primordial wisdom of equality. And to rest meditatively in this empty, luminous state of awareness, which transcends all reference, thought and conceptual construction – a naked, uninterrupted state of knowing – is a most important key point.


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