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Ah, I have created this new post as a result of some Contemplative practice that began after a suggestion from Jackson Peterson concerning the nature of the Mind’s capacity at paying Attention … As in HOW it is possible to apparently induce a sudden cessation of the selfing-process (aka the egoic-self aka simply the “I”) eh ?

What follows is a 5 minute video [1] that aims to locate the sense of “I” [2] who most of us are fully identified with throughout our entire lives :

Now, Jackson’s point is to notice what happens when you place your Attention on the sense of “I Am” … it’s kind of like what I have said before about sensing the top of your head by turning your Attention around to “look within” [3] eh ?

Oh, but I’d say whether or not such Subjective Experiential Evidence (of the “I” AS an OBJECT to your Awareness) persuades you of the Reality of Nondual-Consciousness, surely it cannot be denied any longer that being so self-centered (or “I” focused) is MISSING the BIG PICTURE eh ?

[1] For the full video of Swami Sarvapriyananda please click here (the clip begins at around the 55 minute mark)
[2] Oh, for Greg Goode’s “experiment” please see his book Standing as Awareness [the Personal Identity dialogue]
[3] Integral Presence

6 thoughts on “A Nondual Experiment

  1. Reply Simon Aug 23,2021 11:55 am

    Ah, now this may sound weird but as I see it, absolutely nothing could be any different to how it is in this moment … each of us is like a product-of-circumstance seemingly born to parents who just the same were conditioned by their parents and the functioning of society as a whole with no control over the process at all eh ?

    Even more, with the understanding of just how little (if any) actual conscious decision making any of us really exercise [1], I’d say it’s clear that Humanity is simply ensuring its own survival which as a surface dwelling species is all well and good … However, as I experience it, there’s more to the picture than just material-life-and-death which is where it appears Mankind is still labouring under the false premise that Consciousness is a derivative of the Brain whereas I would say it’s precisely the exact reverse eh ?

    To quote a much used cliché : “Wake up and smell the coffee” !!!

    [1] The Illusion of Free Will

  2. Reply Simon Aug 23,2021 7:45 pm

    Ah ! 🌟

    All phenomena of the external world are only the manifestations of the luminosity of our own mind and ultimately have no reality. When we allow our mind to rest in the recognition that everything that it experiences is its own projection, the separation between subject and object comes to an end. Then there is no longer anyone who grasps at something and nothing that is being grasped at – subject and object are recognized to be unreal.

    In order to experience this, we allow our mind to remain in its ordinary consciousness, the awareness of the present moment, which is the deep, unchanging nature of mind itself and which is also called “timeless awareness.” That is the natural insight that arises spontaneously when in every moment we look directly at the true nature of mind.

    In seeing the nature of mind, there is nothing to “see” since it is not an object of perception. We see it without seeing anything. We know it without knowing anything.

    The mind recognizes itself spontaneously, in a way beyond all duality. The path that leads to this is the awareness of the present moment, free of all interference. It is an error to think that the ultimate truth is difficult to recognize. The meditation on the nature of mind is actually very easy, as we do not have to go anywhere to find this nature. No work needs to be done to produce it; no effort is required to find it. It is sufficient for us to sit down, allow our mind to rest in itself and directly look at the one who thinks that it is difficult to find the nature of mind. In that moment, we discover it directly, as it is very close and always within easy reach.

    It would be absurd to worry that we might not succeed in discovering the nature of mind, as it is already present in us. It is sufficient to look into ourselves. When our mind directs its gaze upon itself, it finds itself and understands that the seeker and the sought are not two different things

    From : Heart Advice from a Mahamudra Master

  3. Reply Simon Aug 24,2021 11:55 am

    Ah, now, have you perhaps got a sense of what Presence-of-Aware-Emptiness feels like ? All it takes is a simple attentive-looking-back, or a glance-within and you’re immediately back-as-that eh ? It never changes, it’s always the same, it can’t be harmed, hurt or damaged eh ?

    Oh, but AS Consciousness even the Body is an Appearance only in “you” AS a stream of Sensations eh ?

  4. Reply Simon Aug 24,2021 1:06 pm

    Oh, but if you’re perhaps new to such “recognition” it is possible that upon first “looking within” one is confronted unexpectedly with a torrent-like-river-of-turbulent-thoughts [1] but please don’t worry … I suggest it’s by “Noticing” each one (as merely an Appearance) without trying to alter it that with some applied effort the intensity and rapidity of their appearing will eventually diminish eh ?

    [1] and Emotions

  5. Reply Simon Aug 24,2021 2:01 pm

    Ah, now, consider “it” (I mean the relationship of Mind and Thoughts) like this : In the same way that the Nature of a Wave is Water, just like the Ocean, so too the Nature of each Thought is Emptiness, just like the Mind eh ? Remember the Nature-of-Mind is an inseparable union of Clarity and Emptiness !

    Thus as I see it : Just as Waves cannot be separate from the Ocean (and are merely its Expression), nor can Thoughts be separate from Mind but crucially, each one is simply its Expression, nothing more nothing less eh ?

    Therefore the false (!) notion that you (as the “I” thought) is somehow an individual “entity” free-from-the-World, from my experience, it’s by looking at its Nature (via Contemplation), the sense-of-separation is “seen through” and eventually fully “dissolves” eh ?



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