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Ah, there are many Articles “out there” on the “World Wide Web”, that you can read, detailing the benefits of a regular “Sun Gazing” practice (done safely) and how it can Enhance your Meditation eh ? 🧐

But for those of us who perhaps live in Countries where the availability of Sunlight is not at all Guaranteed, let alone even remotely predictable, I am going to spend a few moments suggesting an alternative method for ensuring a daily boost of Energising Light-Invigorating-Energies … Why ? Because I’d say it’s like you’re suddenly feeling “Quantum Coherent” eh ? It really does “work” !!! πŸ˜‰

Now you’ve probably already heard of S.A.D Lamps (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or Therapy Lamps, lamps that give out at least 10,000 Lux … because whether or not you do actually feel “down” during the Winter Season when there’s much less Daylight, I’m suggesting such lamps could be used ALL year long as a way of getting the benefits of exposure to Sunlight eh ? 😎

Oh, you may be on a shift-work-pattern and so it’s impossible to be up at the crack-of-dawn at the most appropriate time each day, so having one of these Lamps provides for some flexibility so that you can adapt your routine to include some “Lamp Time” eh ? ⏰

My current lamp is the Beurer TL90 (as above) [1]

In my experience, there are noticeable “effects” energetically, throughout the body, and at longer exposures of an hour or more, it leaves you feeling “Crystal Clear”, very lucid, just as it does sitting on the beach soaking up all the Rays eh ? Don’t forget all us Humans have Biological Bodies so it stands to reason there are optimum Environments where one’s Consciousness functions at its Best eh ? 🧐

OK, so what I’m talking about above are merely the Relative states you can find yourself in depending on various “external” conditions, not to mention the “inner weather” conditions that seemingly combine to give rise to our many varying “Moods” throughout the day … but these “surface” states-of-consciousness all come-and-go apparently beyond anyone’s “control” eh ? πŸ™

However, in deep meditation, having penetrated beneath (or through) our “normal” sense-of-self-identification, what can be revealed is an Expansive, Luminous, Dynamic, Blissful Awareness free from ALL discursive thought, empty of content, yet vividly Awake eh ? Furthermore, IF such practices are maintained what can happen is the “falling away” [2] of our apparent surface identification exposing the non-dual nature of our Consciousness as it really is eh ? ❀️

[1] If you’re in the UK these are available for Β£90 (here) – RRP Β£130 (as of May 26th 2020)

[2] Ah, but it’s utterly non-Volitional, it’s a sort of a “spontaneous happening” (a Quantum Leap) nonetheless the reading of Anatta-related material as well as watching associated videos can sometimes “Trigger” it thus I’d suggest keeping tabs on JP’s Facebook Anatta Group eh ? πŸ˜‰

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  1. Reply Simon May 26,2020 1:52 pm

    Ah, here’s what Tulku Urgyen has to say about the difference between Thinking-Mind and the Nature-of-Mind eh ?

    Experience is said to be the adornment of naked knowing, present within all beings. Whoever has mind has this knowing since it is the mind’s essence. The relationship between thinking mind and knowing is this: the thinking mind is like the shadow of one’s hand while knowing is the hand itself. In this way, there is not one single sentient being who does not have basic knowing. We might hear about this knowing and think β€œI understand, knowing is just such and such.” This mental construct is totally useless. From the very first the absence of mental fabrication is crucial. As is said, β€œWithin the naked dharmadhatu of nonfabrication.” Introducing basic knowing means to point out the absence of mental fabrication. Otherwise it becomes an introduction to mere discursive thought [Laughs]


    Kermit is told he is unreal !

    Oh, likewise, I’d say the egoic-self (in this case Kermit) is really just a Subconscious Projection from a deeper-plane-of-Reality … in other words it’s the “Hand of the Puppeteer” that’s actually animating Kermit whereas from Kermit’s dualistic illusory POV, he’d say he “chose” to see a Doctor to discuss his total Dissatisfaction at being a Muppet eh ?

    Click for more information on : The Illusion of Free Will πŸ˜‰

  2. Reply Simon May 26,2020 5:51 pm

    The idea of particles composing the “Standard Model” is NOT what the Universe is actually made of … The particles are Fiction, they’re convenient Re-presentations that are not really the best understanding of the Universe today. The fundamental nature of the Universe are not particles, but FIELDS

    Everything that we Designated as particles in the Standard Model, the best Theory of Physics we have, are really Excitations / Vibrations of their own fields, the total number of Fields would be 17 (including the Higgs field) … Note that Space-Time itself is thought to be a Field but so far has not been able to be incorporated in QFT … All the so-called Particles are really waves

    Are these Fields fundamental ? Well I [Arvin] think it’s Fundamental in the sense that it is the limit of our understanding but it could very well be that these Fields are just an approximation of a Deeper Level of Reality


  3. Reply Simon May 26,2020 7:46 pm

    Mr Men Duo

    Gaining enlightenment is an accident.

    Spiritual practice simply makes us accident prone.

    β€” A Zen Master

    Oh, but I’d say simultaneously with the apparent “Gaining” of so-called “Enlightenment” is the Cessation of the illusory “separate self” eh ?


  4. Reply Simon May 28,2020 11:25 am

    Ah, but if I am to be fully Transparent (without Dishonesty) I should probably “confess” the small matter of HOW having such a bright-light-source as the Lamp can (if a Dark Retreat is not possible) Act as an effective secondary-cause for the potential manifestation of visual phenomena such as Tigles (thig le) eh ? πŸ˜‰

    The best and easiest way to develop these visions is to do a dark retreat, or to practice looking at the rays of the sun (but not directly at the sun) at sunrise or sunset, holding the hands so that the fingers filter the rays of light, to make a connection between the inner light and the outer light. When we observe the outer rays in this way while in the state of presence, these rays act as secondary causes to produce the projections of the inner light onto the palm of the hand. At the beginning we do not see much, but then vision develops and in this way it becomes very easy to see the lights. Other ways are to practice looking, at the rays of light coming through window shutters, or sitting on a mountain and looking at the point where mountain and space meet (this gives rise to what is called “eyebrow” vision). One advantage of the dark retreat is that we can practice without any requirements (such as the rays of the sun) or distractions from the outside world, so it is easier to integrate.

    From : Tenzin Wangyal’s “Wonders of the Natural Mind”

    Source : The Lukhang Murals Figure 29.2

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