WHO are you really ? 1

Ah, if you are interested in HOW it is really possible for the illusory-sense-of-self (as the apparent centre of WHO you seemingly are) to “fall away” (so-to-say) then may I suggest that you please listen to what Sam Harris has to say about the Non-Dual Traditions of Meditation (especially Dzogchen, Zen and Advaita Vedanta) eh ?


Now why is this so important for us all ? Because it clearly reveals moment-to-moment in direct experience there is no self / ego … “it” is merely a case of mistaken Identity eh ?

Indeed as far as I am concerned it’s the recognition of the Freedom-of-Consciousness no matter what is arising even during fear-inducing “Pandemics” eh ?

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  1. Reply Simon Mar 29,2020 1:52 pm

    “It’s the seeing of what I’m not … that’s what I am”

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