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Ah, with regards to the possibility that so-called “Free Will” is merely a “Deceptive Illusion”, here’s an interesting 7 minute video I’ve put together (from a 2009 episode of Horizon called “The Secret You”) which I’d say can be summed up as : “Brain Scans Can Reveal Your Decisions 6 Seconds Before You Know It” eh ?

Scientists at the Berlin “Bernstein Centre for Computational Neuroscience” reveal that your apparent Conscious “decisions” are really “determined” Subconsciously beforehand. In this study Professor Marcus du Sautoy is to freely decide if he wants to press a button with his right or left hand. Then by using fMRI researchers scanned his brain in order to find out if they could predict which hand he would use before he presses one of the two buttons.

And curiously by monitoring the micro patterns of activity in his Brain, yes the researchers could in fact foresee which hand he would use up to six seconds before he seemingly made the decision himself !

“There’s a pattern of Brain Activity that emerges before you make up your mind, that tells us which way you’re going to decide” – Professor John-Dylan Haynes

Thus, I’d say if one considers this alongside what is now known about our self’ing (vis-à-vis the Default Mode Network) it’s clear, I’d propose, that your sense-of-free-will really can be said to be “just an illusion” eh ?


Here the “elephant-in-the-room” refers to your (most likely) unquestioned sense-of-self !

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  1. Reply Simon Jan 8,2020 12:08 am

    Oh, if you’re perhaps interested in Meditation and its seeming “Wholistic Influence” on our Mind / Brain then I’d suggest watching this excellent documentary eh ?

    Mystical Brain

    It’s Isabelle Raynauld’s Mystical Brain 😀

  2. Reply Simon Jan 8,2020 10:16 am

    Oh, for a brief overview (albeit in the context of Trauma healing) of the Default Mode Network and HOW it can be “switched off” please listen to Richard Miller speaking at SAND eh ?

    (I’ve linked it at the 14:16 mark) 😀

  3. Reply Simon Aug 23,2021 6:08 pm

    Oh, now, for much more “in depth” information concerning the (repeated in June 2011) Horizon experiment please see this PDF Tracking the Unconscious Generation of Free Decisions Using UItra-High Field fMRI of whom one of its Authors is Professor John-Dylan Haynes as featured in the video clip !

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