The Nonduality of Samsara and Nirvana 3


Six analogies illustrate the nature of Samsara :

  • Like someone who appears in a magical illusion, none of samsara has true existence.
  • Moreover, like myriad dream images, your perceptions are based on confusion.
  • Like the moon’s reflection in water, nothing that manifests has an independent nature.
  • Like clouds, pleasure and pain, good and bad all change.
  • Like dew, things are impermanent, sometimes perceptible and sometimes not.
  • Like bubbles in water, things occur naturally and disappear naturally.

It is crucial to meditate on these analogies and apply them to your own experience eh ?


Six analogies illustrate the nature of Nirvana :

  • Like the sun’s rays subsumed within the sun, things in all their variety are subsumed within mind itself.
  • Like a lotus growing out of the mud, mind itself is unsullied by flaws.
  • Like the properties of a wish-granting gem, enlightened qualities are spontaneously present.
  • Like the sun or moon unobscured by clouds, natural lucidity is unobscured by thoughts.
  • Like clear open space, the all-pervasive state is not subject to limitations.
  • Like a great ocean, relative reality is a constant presence.

Whoever understands these analogies will gain freedom in the nonduality of samsara and nirvana eh ?

And :


Six pieces of advice pertain to implementing the teachings :

  • Whatever you perceive, accept it as naturally pristine in essence.
  • Whatever pure awareness is aware of, rest in a naturally occurring and naturally pure state.
  • Whatever stirs in the mind, maintain an awareness of how, like a bird in flight, it leaves no trace.
  • Allow yourself to experience the undifferentiated state, free of limitations, as unfettered and timelessly free.
  • Having looked for what is free, look at the empty cave of samsara and nirvana.
  • The collapse of dualistic perception leads you to the ground of being, the way of abiding.

If you understand these things, you have grasped the significance of the most sublime spiritual approach eh ?

From : Longchenpa’s Precious Treasury of Pith Instructions

3 thoughts on “The Nonduality of Samsara and Nirvana

  1. Reply Simon Nov 9,2019 3:17 pm


    Oh, this seems fairly representative of Worldy Affairs doesn’t it eh ? 😉

    Blaise Pascal : “Truth is so obscured nowadays and lies so well established that unless we love the truth we shall never re-cognize it”

  2. Reply Simon Nov 9,2019 5:57 pm

    Oh, with regards to the basic re-cognition of Awareness, as the “Ground of our Being”, I’d say it seems as if it’s a simple choice between Recognition or Non-Recognition eh ? But having apparently spent ALL our lives in a state of Non-Recognition, is it any wonder that decisively “changing course” (so-to-say) can seem like Mission Impossible eh ? Who on their “spiritual path” hasn’t at one time given up, faced immense despair or the seeming never-ending of Sorrow eh ?

    Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj :

    “True happiness is uncaused and thus cannot disappear for lack of stimulation. It is not the opposite of sorrow, it includes all sorrow and suffering”

    From : Longchenpa’s Way of Abiding

    Next, the nature of oneness is revealed.
    Awareness – oneness – is the ground of all phenomena.
    Although there is the appearance of multiplicity, to say that there is no wavering from oneness
    is to say that naturally occurring timeless awareness is the single source.
    Although fire and water manifest separately from a single gem under specific circumstances,
    their source – the pure gem – is the same.
    Similarly, although both samsara and nirvana arise from oneness, self-knowing awareness,
    their source – ultimate awakened mind – is the same.
    There is simply the illusion of difference based on whether or not awareness is recognized.

    And similarly from : The “Prayer of Samantabhadra” :

    The entire world of all appearances and possibilities, of samsara and nirvana: one ground, two paths, two results. This is Rigpa and the illusion created by the non-recognition thereof …

  3. Reply Simon Nov 10,2019 8:35 am

    Ah, thus, as per Longchenpa’s advice, I’d suggest Remaining as the Unborn, or Abiding in the Natural State (that is prior to the apparent differentiation / bifurcation of “non-Dual” Consciousness) eh ? 🙏


    There are six things you can do when remaining thus:

    • Recognise that awareness in all its nakedness is your true nature.
    • Come to a definitive conclusion regarding the way mind truly abides.
    • Free yourself from the influence of ordinary consciousness, which produces concepts.
    • Do not fixate on the seeming reality of things.
    • Cut through your compulsive desire for something.
    • Bring the “doer” to the point at which it resolves into its essence

    From : Longchenpa’s Precious Treasury of Pith Instructions

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