What *IS* Dzogchen “Meditation” ? 1

Ah, if you’re interested in the HOW of Dzogchen “Meditation” here’s Alan Wallace giving a very brief Overview of Meditation in General and then proceeding to elucidate as to how such non-dual Meditation (it’s probably better called non-Meditation) as Dzogchen differs from the more well-known forms of Meditation such as Shamata / Vipassana etc …

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    Ah, with regards to what is referred to in the video as the “Baseline” or the “Ground of Awareness” here’s what Namkhai Norbu has to say about our Empty Nature :

    From “The Crystal and the Way of Light” (pages 98-99) :

    The master may use a physical mirror in order to show that, no matter whether what is reflected is good or bad, beautiful or ugly, the capacity to reflect inherent to the mirror functions as soon as an object is put in front of it. Then he will explain that the same happens with what is termed ‘nature of mind’, which is discovered in non-dual contemplation. Any thought or event may arise, but the nature of mind will not be conditioned by it and will not enter into judgment: it will simply reflect what arises, just as a mirror does, according to its own nature.

    So the Zhi, the Base, the fundamental condition of the individual and of existence, is in essence void, and yet its Nature is nevertheless to manifest. How it manifests is as Energy, and by way of example, this Energy is compared to the reflections that arise in a mirror. The master may once again show a mirror to the disciple and explain how the reflections that arise in it are the energy of the mirror’s own inherent nature manifesting visibly.

    Now, although in order to explain the Base we may artificially separate its Essence, Nature, and Energy, the example of the mirror shows that these three aspects are interdependent and cannot be separated from each other. In fact, a mirror’s primordially pure voidness, its clear capacity to reflect and the reflections that arise in it are inseparable and are all essential to the existence of what is known as a ‘mirror’.

    If it were not empty, the mirror would not reflect; if it did not have a clear capacity to reflect, how could it manifest reflections? And if it could not manifest reflections, how could we say it was a mirror? The same is true of the three aspects of the Base: Essence, Nature, and Energy are inseparable.

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