On being absolutely “free” from the “self” ?

“Is it possible ever to be free of self-centred activity ? Is there a real self ? (J. Krishnamurti 1979)

(From about 16 minutes) :

If you really want to be free of the “self”, no attachment ! Which doesn’t mean you become detached, indifferent, callous, set your-self away … which is another form of the “self”, you understand ? Before it was attached now it says I won’t be attached, it is still the movement of the “self” !

So, if a person, serious, really concerned because the world is divided, is this the “me” and “you”, “we” and “they”, “we british” and “they french” (rather the “irish”) … the black and the white and the brown … so is it possible, without effort, to be free of attachment ? To your wife, to your children, to your name, you can’t very well be detached from your bank account ? You know what it means, not to be identified with anything, to your country, your god, nothing !

Therefore, when you are really deeply basically not attached, then from that deep sense of no attachment comes responsibility, not responsibility to my wife, my children, my nephew, niece … the sense of responsibility … right ? Will you do it ? That is the question ?

We can talk ever-lastingly, put it into different words BUT when it comes to testing it, active, we don’t seem to want to do it … and so we prefer to go on as we are, status quo, slightly more refined, but carry on, with our quarrels and all the things that are happening in the world, and to be free from your own experience, from your own knowledge, from your own accumulated perception, you understand all this ?

So, it is possible if you go at it … and it doesn’t take time, that’s one of our excuses, that we must have time to be free … when you see one of the major factors of the “self” is attachment and you see what it does in the world and what it does in your relationship with another, separation and all the rest, ultimately quarrels, divorce, all the ugliness of relationship … If you see the truth of attachment then that very truth IS so, it IS actual … then you are free from it, your own perception sets you free right ? Will you do it ?

From Krishnamurti’s book “To Be Human” (2000) : “Facing the world as it is” :

“If you really faced the world as it is, and tackled it, you would find it something infinitely greater than any philosophy, greater than any book in the world, greater than any teaching, greater than any teacher” eh ? 😉

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