Considering that the whole Universe is a Quantum System ?

There is not a Universe, that we’re all looking at as [if] it’s already “out there” and we’re looking at it from multiple perspectives trying to “map it”, with the Scientific world, that re-presents what’s already there … but rather there’s one Universe for every Sentient Being … and our Universes are Entangled !!!

Ah, at the Heart-of-it, I’d say : Without the Consideration of “Consciousness” (or the Observer Participant as mentioned in this video), ALL the Models-of-Reality (thus far) are INCOMPLETE at best or are based upon a FAULTY starting premise … but unless “you” begin to adopt a Quantum-way-of-looking-at-things there can be no progress … because surely by now it’s Recognised just how central-to-it-all our Minds are eh ? *wink*

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